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How to Stay Relaxed During Labor

You have heard it before. The easiest way to get through labor is by relaxing and breathing. Surprisingly, it is true. Without relaxing, your entire body can tense up, resulting in added stress, and not just to you. Your baby feels everything, and in those last few hours, it is crucial to stay calm for your little one. Luckily, the PharMeDoc fam has got you covered! Here are some tips from real moms to help you get through the big day, so you can stay as peaceful and collected as possible. 


Okay, we know it sounds cliche. Seriously though, between being anxious for the next contraction and recovering from the one before, it is possible to forget to breathe normally. If you are able to take a breathing class beforehand, do it. It will help keep your momentum during labor. As another option, you can practice breathing on your own. Youtube is a great source for free birthing videos. You can watch one of my personal favorites here.

Empower Yourself: 

Momma, you got this! During labor, you have to be your biggest fan. Practice telling yourself how strong you are. Labor is no small feat, and for some, it is a once in a lifetime occurrence. So have faith in yourself and your body. Keep your mind clear and bring on positive thoughts.

Play Music: 

Since it’s so important to stay calm, you’ll want something to get you through the labor pains. Put together a playlist of music that is relaxing and even encouraging. Spend some time on this early on and add to it throughout your pregnancy. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a growing trend. As essentials oils emerge with more and more health benefits, women are bringing them to the delivery room. Check out our favorites (here). 

Whether you are a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, labor is daunting. Just remember, labor is the only blind date where you get to meet your one true love or loves.

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