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Myra Flynn is a model, musician, and influencer. Now, she is adding the title “mom” to her biography. Born on the East Coast, Myra has been living the Rockstar life and is now making the transition from touring musician to motherhood. Far from being boring, Myra is ready to do the mom thing her way, while living in Los Angeles with her husband Phil Wilis (famed mixologist on the hit series Bar Rescue) by her side. 

Shortly after meeting Myra, it was clear that her captivating beauty and free vivacious spirit shine through on and off the camera. During her Pharmedoc #Pharmemom photoshoot, we chatted about pregnancy and her life leading up to the delivery of her first child. 

How are you doing? 

I’m doing well! I’ve been really lucky this pregnancy actually. No morning sickness and no weird cravings. I almost had to double-check I was pregnant! 

 How did you find out you were pregnant? 

I took a sip of beer and it tasted like battery acid. I knew then it was time to take a test! Once it came back positive, my husband and I were committed to joining friends for a movie. So we had to sit with this giant new secret through a whole movie in silence while our bellies did flip flops! Neither of us remembers what the movie was about. 

 What is the best/worst advice you’ve been given so far?

I’d like to say any of it! 😂 Being a mother comes with so much unsolicited advice it’s almost soul-crushing. I’m not a fan of the “don’t eat sushi” rule. How are all these women in japan having healthy babies? The advice really means don’t eat gas station sushi because your digestive tract slows down and could you get food poisoning. It will be a slower and more painful process for you and your baby. But without that info, the “advice” mostly just has Americans running around with an insulting and xenophobic fear of sushi which comes from the cleanest and strictest kitchens in the world, when the cooked chicken has a higher risk of food-borne illness. Fact. Also: don’t waste gas station sushi...ever.  

Do you have any pregnancy must-haves?

Earth mama nipple cream (yes already), hot yoga and my Pharmedoc pregnancy pillow. I’m not even joking, it’s my boyfriend. 

Are you reading any baby books?


Favorite baby name you won’t be using?

Likely Langston. It’s so strong and means so much to us all culturally. 

Do you have any traditions you are passing down?

I'd say more cultural quirks than traditions. Soul Food Sundays and stressful mornings arguing over hair designs.

What has been the biggest change you’ve noticed in yourself?

I don’t sweat the small stuff or the stressful people. I have something much bigger going on than even, well, me! And I love it. It’s nice to no longer be at the center of my own show anymore. I’m looking forward to being an audience member, stage manager and tour advisor to the superstar who is my baby! 

How have you managed to stay looking so awesome? 

Haha! Well, awesome is dubious, my body has certainly changed a whole lot! But I’ve managed to keep in shape by eating many small but incredibly healthy meals throughout the day. No sugar and no bread (these things make my heart race and puff me up) and though controversial, I have stuck with my hot yoga. It has helped me so much with flexibility and water retention. 

 Are you redecorating for the baby? 

Like a madwoman! This nesting thing is real! We don’t know the gender of our baby so we aren’t going mad with pink or blue anything. More a relaxed bohemian style. My only rule? Only buy decorative things you would still like to see in your house after the baby outgrows it. It’s easier than you think! 


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