I have always looked up to my own mother from a young age. My mother always knew how to have fun with me and make me smile. No matter how bad of a day I had, or if I was sad for any reason, she always knew how to turn it around. Making other people happy, especially your own children is an admirable trait. Children need to feel safe and happy to thrive. I also admire that my mother has always unapologetically been herself. Since I have become pregnant, my mother and I have gotten much closer in our relationship. Becoming a mother myself has helped me understand what she went through raising me. I am all the more appreciative and inspired now. She has been my biggest cheerleader, support team, and closest friend. I really admire that she is so selfless and kind. 


          When I first realized I was pregnant, I was understandably overwhelmed. One day, I started to feel sick. I was so scared that something was wrong with the baby. I rushed to the emergency room and called my mom. She immediately dropped what she was doing and met me there. Having her with me provided me with so much support.  She was the one person who I knew I could count on to stay the long hours in the ER and to keep me from panicking. After many stressful hours and a thorough examination, the doctor pronounced me and the baby completely healthy! It turns out, I was a little dehydrated. After all the stress started to alleviate, my mother and I began to laugh at how worked up we had been. I felt so much better right away. Having my mother there throughout the entire traumatic event and feeling that constant and unconditional support meant the world to me!


          Everyone agonizes over how to raise their child, how to be firm but friendly, how to encourage them without being a “helicopter” parent, and how to have a healthy balance of love and respect while giving them space to grow and develop. The ultimate gift has been having my mother as an example of what an unconditionally loving yet respected mother is like. With raising my daughter, I want her to be whoever she wants to be. I never want her to feel like she has to change herself to be accepted by anyone, even by me. I hope my daughter can look up to me as an example of a fearless and strong person who shows kindness and unconditional love, just the way I have looked up to my mother all my life. Becoming a mother is like entering a whole new world and seeing my childhood from a whole new perspective. It makes me appreciate all the good times and memories my mother and I have created over time. I feel blessed and excited to build a lifelong healthy relationship with my daughter, drawing inspiration from the way my very special mother raised me. 

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