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10 Things To Add To Your Hospital Check List

Ready for the big day? Your baby could arrive at any minute and you want to be prepared. Use our checklist to help you feel ready when your little one decides to make a debut. To be safe, consider packing your bags at eight months. Once packed, keep your bags handy. 

Hospital Paperwork and ID : 

These are number one because they are that important. You should have copies of your healthcare providers' paperwork along with any necessary medical information that you want to bring. You could be asked questions that you need immediate answers to, and these copies will come in handy. 

Bathrobe : 

A plush bathrobe is useful during labor. If your milk comes in quickly, it can make for easier feeding, and modesty. Bathrobes will also make you feel at home. 

Socks :

The hospital could have their own, but if you are looking for extra warmth and comfort, extra socks are a must!

Slippers: You will more than likely not be wearing shoes. However, in case you decide to go for a post-baby walk or even an exciting first walk with your baby, slippers are easy to take on and off. 


You will probably be provided with a blanket, but the warmth of your own blanket can never be replaced.  

Pregnancy Pillow:

Perfect for clenching onto during labor or breastfeeding for the first time! A pregnancy, or body pillow, can be just as useful in postpartum recovery as it is during pregnancy. Pharmedoc even provides a convenient Travel & Storage Bag for your pregnancy pillow, so you can bring it with you with no extra hassle.


During your first night as a parent, you could find yourself needing some basic self-care like a quick wash of your face. Toothbrush, mouthwash, dry shampoo, deodorant... You don’t know how long you will be at the hospital, and it could be a few days. 

Relaxing Entertainment:

Bring something that will bring you peace during labor like a book, Ipad or laptop. After birth, you might want a few moments to yourself. 

Extra Clothes: 

When you are leaving the hospital, you will want to have clothes that you feel comfortable in. This is the perfect time to invest in new loungewear! 

Diapers and wipes (for yourself): 

Postpartum is not glamorous, and you want to make sure you are prepared for the afterbirth. Disposable panties and wipes are essential for hygiene. The more prepared you are for recovery, the easier it will be. 

Baby Essentials: 

Of course, you want to make sure that you are all set for your baby. Remember to have diapers, wipes, and clothes. Your baby will be new to the world, so make sure to have hats and warm clothes ready for your little one. 

Car Seat: 

You will need to have a car seat properly installed in your vehicle before you can take your baby home. To avoid extra stress before the big day, we suggest putting it in your car as early as 34 weeks. However, the hospital staff will be more than happy to assist you with this if needed. 

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